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Author: Jose Diaz


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I like it!

For those wondering why Vishy is represented this way, this page on Ganesha might help --

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hahahaha! lol, this is good man!

Raj's picture

Chess gods in action....

harami's picture

LOL good one

Erik Fokke's picture

Brilliant again ! Nice 'detail' are the three scalps in Anand's trophy basket: Topalov, Kramnik and Gelfand. Wil Carlsen be the next one? I do not exclude this possibility. Apparently matches bring out some extraordinary forces in Anand. I am looking forward to the games the next coming days.

Anonymous's picture

Except for the fact that it Gelfand, not Kramnik.

Anonymous's picture

I f***ed up; forget the previous comment. Sorry.

Fanboy's picture

Anand is dancing in a draw

Chess Fan's picture

Once again, amazing, Mr. Jose Daiz.
You go to be one of the world's best in what you do.
I am certainly a fan.

Poupak's picture

I'm waiting for the moment that hammer is released from the magic around it.

Anonymous's picture

Only a shame the elephant looks like Kramnik, I do like most of the cartoons of Diaz but unfortunately this one is not one of the best.

Magnus Rulez!'s picture

Kramnik does not look like an elephant.

vpai's picture

kasparov says both carlsen and anand have lost motivation ;)

Anonymous's picture

Link pls....

jon's picture

Outstanding! The God Ganesh is known for removing obstacles. So, Anand has removed obstacles in the past (Kramnik, Topalov and Gelfand). But will he take down Carlsen? The battle has begun!

Anonymous's picture

Wooa !!!!!Anand as Lordd Ganesha ,Lord Ganesha is a symbol of wisdom and victory

Anonymous's picture

I don't get it...

Anonymous's picture

Not good. One looks like an elephant and the other doesn't look like Carlsen at all!

harami's picture

luckily the Hindus are not so sensitive to their Gods being cartooned. Had Anand been a Muslim, Jose Diaz would have been issued a fatwa by now, with Muslims gunning for his throat….


sundararajan ganesan's picture

nice chesstoon with ganesha and thor exchanging blows!

Anonymous's picture

Thors hammer won't work here in Hindu mythological land of chennai

Pieter's picture

Will see which god works! Thor is strong.

Anonymous's picture

Its a shame how weak chess fans think they know something about chess because they have fritz up their asses or can press google button.

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That is great cartoon, but I would like to see the scene from the Jungle book, where Magnus could be as Mowgli and Vishy as a tiger Shere Khan fighting each other. That would be really nice, it is perfect association, something like

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Carlsen won two in a row, leads 4-2 now. Pic seems somewaht outdated.

Anonymous's picture

Would that Vishy head fit in the basket? Maybe Carlsen should get a bigger basket...

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Great as always!

Anonymous's picture

this is awesome!

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I can not wait for the next !

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