ChessVibes Training

ChessVibes Training was a PDF & PGN magazine published by ChessVibes which ceased to exist in November 2013. It was designed for the club player who wants to improve his middlegame and endgame skills. Find more combinations, understand middlegame plans, learn typical endgame motifs? Read CVT!

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At the moment you can buy the first 54 issues of ChessVibes Training. The magazine is co-authored by IMs Merijn van Delft, Thomas Willemze and Robert Ris and includes a weekly column by GM Anish Giri.

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What is ChessVibes{readmore} Training?
Every issue contains eight pages in PDF, which you will also get in PGN:

  • Giri's Grab Bag - A column by top GM Anish Giri in which he shares his excitement and worries during a top level chess game.
  • Guess the move - A game quiz by IM Merijn van Delft that gives you the opportunity to solve problems that GMs couldn't. Can you calculate as deeply? Give it a try!
  • Improve Your Play - IM Thomas Willemze discusses a feature of chess strategy. Learn from both recent and classical games, played by club players or experts.
  • Tactics, tactics - 12 tactical exercises from recent games carefully selected by IM Robert Ris. Regular tactical training is now easier than ever with new diagrams delivered in your mailbox every week!
  • Practical endings - IM Robert Ris gives a clear explanation of a recent endgame played by strong players, focusing on text rather than variations. You're provided with useful guidelines in typical endgames.