ChessVibes Openings

ChessVibes Openings was a weekly PDF & PGN magazine by ChessVibes, designed for the tournament player who wanted to keep his repertoire at the highest level. For five years, IMs Merijn van Delft and Robert Ris kept the chess fans up to date on which openings were hot in top level chess, and which were not.

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What will you find in CVO?{readmore}
As a subscriber you receive ChessVibes Openings (CVO) every week in your mailbox in both PDF and PGN. Every issue contains four pages:

  • What's hot? A round-up of this week's important opening developments, focusing on new and successful ideas.
  • What's not? Which openings don't do well for the moment, according to top players? And why not?
  • Game of the week Each week you'll find the theoretically most important game analysed by our editors, with a detailed survey of the opening phase.
  • This week's harvest Four more important opening ideas are revealed, explaining both the opening and early middlegame in detail.
  • It's Your Move Every week you're challenged with two exercises which will improve your understanding of a certain opening, middlegame or even endgame theme.

What reviewers wrote...
"The format and presentation are consistently of high quality, with variety of coverage and opening analysis." "The cost per year is roughly equivalent to a good chess book. Each week you get a four- page issue packed with opening analysis, at least two thoroughly annotated games with one or more of that week's featured openings, a glimpse into the world of the latest opening novelties, in short, a quality weekly opening report." (Eugene Manchester, ChessCafe)

"What I like about ChessVibes Openings is their focus on the trend and discoveries that are revealed in super tournaments and by very strong players. It makes sense for all tournament chess players and opening theoreticians to follow these developments and getting an overview from ChessVibes Openings definitely saves time." (...) "I find it positive that there is consistency in the openings covered so that the readers will with time have a certain repertoire available based on different theoretical articles from ChessVibes about e.g. the Anti-Moscow Variation." (...) "For those that really want to find out how to get a better position out of the opening and are willing to enter complications and do some homework in order to succeed, ChessVibes Openings can be recommended. (GM Hedinn Steingrimsson, Chess Today)